Lackabane Open Results

Lackabane Open Day Singles Results

 23rd September 2011

1st Matt Leacy 40Pts

2nd Mikey O'Sullivan 40 Pts

3rd Niall Greaney 40 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


16th September 2011

1st Brian O'Regan 44 Pts

2nd Declan McCarthy 39 Pts

3rd James Arthur 39 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


9th September 2011

1st Denis McCarthy 42 Pts

2nd James Arthur 39 Pts

3rd Keith Cummins 38 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


2nd September 2011

1st Shane Horgan 42 Pts

2nd Francis Courtney 40 Pts

3rd George Vass 38 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


 26th August - No competition due to course mainternance


19th August 2011

1st Sean Goulding 44 Pts

2nd Donal Cronin 41 Pts

3rd Donal O'Sullivan 40 Pts


12th August 2011

1st Greg Lanigan 40Pts

2nd Paudie Clifford 39Pts

3rd Donnacha O'Brien 38 Pts


15th July 2011

1st Paudie Clifford 40 Pts

2nd James Mannix 37 Pts

3rd John O'Donoghue 37 Pts


8th July 2011

1st Paudie Clifford 43 Pts

2nd James Mannix 39 Pts

3rd John O'Donoghue 39 Pts


1st July 2011

1st David O'Callaghan 41Pts

2nd Sean Twomey 40 Pts

3rd Niall O'Connor 40 Pts

(C.S.S. 36Pts)


24th June 2011

1st Niall Buckley 38 Pts

2nd Stephen O'Neill 36 Pts

3rd Noel T. Duggan 36 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


17th June 2011

1st Brendan O'Toole 37 Pts

2nd Ronan Kelliher 34 Pts

3rd Tommy Barry 34 Pts


10th June 2011

1st Neilus Hayes 40 Pts

2nd Brendan O'Toole 39 Pts

3rd Fergal Keogh 38 Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


3rd June 2011

1st Kieran Mangan 41 Pts

2nd James O'Neil Jnr 41 Pts

3rd Matthew McCarthy 38 Pts

(C.S.S. 35 Pts)


27th May 2011

1st James O' Neill Jnr. 39Pts

2nd Nicholas Howe 39 Pts

3rd Shane Lowney 37Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


20th May 2011

1st Martin Driver 41Pts

2nd Brendan O'Toole 40Pts

3rd Shane Horgan 39 Pts

(C.S.S. 37 Pts)


13th May 2011

1st Tom Long 40 Pts

2nd James Ormonde 38 Pts

3rd Joe McCarthy Pts


6th May 2011

1st Colm O'Connor 42 Pts

2nd Brendan Martin 41 Pts

3rd David Kiely 40 Pts

(C.S.S. 36 Pts)


29th April 2011

1st Patrick Sheahan 47 Pts

2nd Martin Byrnes 44Pts

3rd David O'Callaghan 44Pts

(C.S.S. 38Pts)


22nd April 2011

1st David O'Callaghan 44 Pts

2nd Donal Cronin 42Pts

3rd Ronan Kelliher 41Pts

(C.S.S. 37Pts)


15th April 2011 - No Competition due to Course Maintenance


8th April 2011

1st         John C O' Connor  42Pts

2nd      Shane Lowney        42Pts

3rd       Michael Lohan       41Pts


(C.S.S.  37Pts)

All winners will qualify for the Grand Final which will be held on Killeen Course, October 15th.


1st April 2011

1st       Tom Sullivan         38 pts
2nd     David Looney        37pts
3rd      Ken Grieve            37pts

25th March 2011

1st David Looney 41 points

2nd Paud O'Donoghue 39 points

3rd George McKenzie Vass 39 points

(C.S.S. 36 points)

All weekly winners qualify for the Grand Final which will be held on Killeen on October 15th.


Qualifiers for the Final are listed below;

David Looney

Paud O'Donoghue

George McKenzie Vass

Tom Sullivan

David Looney

Ken Grieve

John C O'Connor

Shane Lowney

Michael Lohan

David O'Callaghan

Donal Cronin

Ronan Kelliher

Patrick Sheahan

Martin Byrnes

Colm O'Connor

Brendan Martin

David Kiely

Tom Long

James Ormonde

Joe McCarthy

Martin Driver

Brendan O'Toole

Shane Horgan

James O'Neill Jnr

Nicholas Howe

Kieran Mangan

Matthew McCarthy

Neilus Hayes

Fergal Keogh

Niall Buckley

Stephen O' Neill

Noel T Duggan

Sean Twomey

Niall O'Connor

Paudie Clifford

James Mannix

John O'Donoghue

Greg Lanigan

Donnacha O'Brien

Sean Goulding

Donal O'Sullivan

Francis Courtney

Brian O'Regan

Declan McCarthy

James Arthur

Matt Leacy

Mikey O'Sullivan

Niall Greaney

Best of Luck to Everyone in the Final!

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