Junior Manual

Junior Manual

  1. Introduction:


The purpose of this manual is to provide information to Parents/Guardians and junior members of Killarney Golf and Fishing Club on all aspects of junior golf. We encourage all young golfers to become active participants in the club.

Juniors must be 8 years of age before they can be registered with Killarney Golf and Fishing Club.

A player is a junior until 18th birthday


  1. Dress Code:

The following items of dress are not acceptable on the course or in the clubhouse:

    • Tracksuits or Leisure Suits
    • Singlets or Sleeveless shirts without collars
    • Shorts other than tailored Shorts
    • Trouser legs tucked inside stockings
    • Football shirts/jerseys and garment displaying slogans or logos

Smart casual dress is essential in the clubhouse

Footwear worn on the course is not acceptable in the clubhouse

Wearing of caps/hats is not acceptable in the clubhouse

All golfers are requested to use golf footwear on the course

The R and A “Golf Rules” which are available in the club should be carried by youth members while playing golf in Killarney Golf Club or while representing Killarney Golf Club in any other club.

Juniors representing Killarney Golf Club are expected to behave in a manner, which will bring credit to themselves, the team and the club.

  1. Scorecards:


  • No Junior may mark his/her own card
  • The marker should check the score after each complete hole with the competitor, and record it.
  • On completion of the round, the marker should sign the scorecard and hand it to the competitor. The competitor should check his/her score and agree any doubtful points that may arise with the marker. If either the competitor or marker is in doubt on any point they should seek clarification from the Youth committee before signing and returning the scorecard. The competitor should ensure that the scorecard bears his/her name, handicap and title and date of the competition. The penalty for breach of the rule is disqualification from the competition.
  1. Handicaps


An official club handicap in accordance with G.U.I/I.L.G.U guidelines maybe allocated by the club Handicap Secretary to all Youth members who return 3 cards, each of 18 holes strokes, which must be signed by a playing member who holds an official handicap. No player shall mark his/her own card. Cards must be marked after each hole.

Cards should be posted in the appropriate competition box and marked “For Handicap”

For the purpose of Youth Member club competitions, players will, if required, be allocated (unofficial) club handicaps by Youth Members committee.

Youth members who return scores in golf clubs other than Killarney Golf Club, which result in their handicaps being reduced, are obliged to inform the Club junior handicap secretary of such scores.


5. Club Competitions

Male Junior Members

Male Junior members with an official club handicap of 15 and under may participate in all club competitions.

Female Junior Members


All female junior members with an official club handicap of 36 may participate in all club competitions. A junior female golfer is unable to win first prize in any major competition i.e The Captains prize (Male & Female), The President’s Prize or Christmas Hamper competition.

  1. Course Etiquette/Code of Behaviour



  • Outside of Junior competitions, Juniors playing without an adult must check if there is availability on the course and sign their name in a book in the Pro Shop before playing.


  • Juniors are expected to respect and be courteous to adult members on the course.
  • Honour is about being truthful to yourself and the rules of a sport. Golf is a game of honesty, etiquette and maturity. As in all sports, golf should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play, respect for others and should always be played in the right spirit.
  • Players are responsible for their own actions and personal conduct on the golf course.


Safety & The Course:


  1. The most important thing to remember when playing any sport is to look after your health and safety. Before commencing play, a golfer should always stretch and take a few minutes to warm up. This means more oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. Thus the body muscles can bend and stretch more and the ball can be hit further.
  2. Prior to making a practice swing or playing a stroke, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs etc which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
  3. Juniors may not cut in on a hole if there are players playing the previous hole.
  4. Respect officials and accept their decision with grace and not a grudge. This includes the Junior Co-ordinators, Committee Members, Course and Clubhouse staff.
  5. Remember to respect the course. Replace divots, repair pitch marks, rake bunkers etc.
  6. Play quickly and do not hold up any players behind.
  7. Juniors who behave badly, whether in the clubhouse or on the course will be disciplined in accordance with club procedures.


In the Clubhouse

  1. Juniors may use the bar and restaurant facilities. They must vacate the clubhouse by 7pm if unaccompanied by an adult. If a Junior is accompanied by an adult they must vacate the premises at 10pm.
  2. Juniors must respect and heed clubhouse staff.
  3. Respect the clubhouse and keep belongings tidy. Golf shoes must be removed before entering any part of the clubhouse (except the locker room).

General Etiquette:


  • Respect fellow team members; give them support when things are going well or badly for them. Respect your opponents; they are not your enemies as they are fellow competitors in a sporting event. Look for your opponent’s lost ball.
  • Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat. Shake hands after the event, whoever wins --and mean it.
  • Adults have priority on the course and MUST be allowed through. Avoid slow play and remember 9 holes should be completed in less than 2 hours.
  • Be organised and on time.
  • While playing, no Junior player can leave the course - for example to go to the shop outside the perimeters of the Golf course.
  • Mobile Phones are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the golf course.
  • If any Junior member encounters any problems or issues please feel free to talk to Junior Officers or Golf Professionals.
  • Remember honest endeavour is as important as winning.
  1. Coaching:

Coaching is provided in Killarney Golf and Fishing Club by Club Professionals David Keating, Ian Colleran and Dan Sugrue.  The time of coaching will be displayed on the Junior Notice board. When coaching is being provided at least one adult must be present at all times.


  1. Parents/Guardian Role:

Parents should assist in :

  • Attending coaching sessions
  • The running of Junior competitions
  • Providing supervision
  • Providing transport

Parents should also

  • Remember that juniors learn by example – applaud good shots by all
  • Respect and accept official decisions and teach juniors to do likewise

We hope these guidelines will assist both juniors and their parents/guardians in an understanding of any issues pertaining to Junior Membership. Any further clarification can be obtained from the Secretary Manager or Junior Officers.

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