How to play

How to play

How To Play Killeen

The Killeen course at Killarney is arguably one of the finest lakeside courses in the world.

Hole No. 1.  Par 4  301mts.
Dog leg to the right, Loch Leane is waiting to swallow your ball, don’t attack any pin
on the right side of the green.

Hole No. 2.  Par 4  320mts.
Dog leg to the right, drive over the bushes with a straight forward second shot to a big green.

Hole No. 3.  Par 3  160mts.
Requires a very accurate tee shot. Make allowances for the wind.

Hole No. 4.  Par 4  316mts.
An Iron is required from this tee. This hole will reward the patient golfer.

Hole No. 5.  Par 4  436mts.
Toughest Par on the course, trouble to the right and left of the green.

Hole No. 6.  Par 3  148mts.
Water front and right, please watch for golfers playing the 7th hole.

Hole No. 7.  Par 5  367mts.
Dog leg right, a good drive will give the opportunity to hit the green in two.

Hole No. 8.  Par 4  358mts.
Small fade required off the tee. The second shot must carry water short of green.

Hole No. 9.  Par 4  332mts.
Drive requires a light draw to set up a second shot to a very difficult green.

Hole No. 10.  Par 3  150mts.
Must hit the green. Inishfallen Isle in the distance if you can take the time to take in the view!

Hole No. 11.  Par 5  452mts.
Slight dog leg to the right. Avoid fairway bunkers on second shot. Green is long and narrow.

Hole No. 12.  Par 4  384mts.
Tough par but plays easier down with the prevailing wind.

Hole No. 13.  Par 4  392mts.
Grip it and rip it! Decision required to play short or to carry stream 60mts short of green.

Hole No. 14.  Par 4  326mts.
Dog leg to the right. There is a Turkey Oak tree to the right at the middle of the fairway. At over 200 years this is the oldest tree on the course.

Hole No. 15.  Par 4  362mts.
Sharp dog leg right, a good fade sets up second shot to a severely contoured green.

Hole No. 16.  Par 5  448mts.
Tough hole into prevailing wind, cluster of bunkers short of green.

Hole No. 17.  Par 4  331mts.
Tee shot to left of fairway avoiding water on the right. Trickiest second shot on the course. Don’t be tempted to attack any pin left of deep pot bunker.

Hole No. 18.  Par 4  371mts.
Great finishing hole, a par here is really a birdie. Members in the bar will be betting on
how many putts you take!!

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