How to play

How to play

How To Play Lackabane


Killarney's newest course is destined to become as famous as it's sister courses Killeen and Mahony's Point.

Hole No. 1.  Par 4  391mts.
Avoid bunkers on the right. A good drive catching the down slope makes the second shot very short.

Hole No. 2.  Par 5  446mts.
A good drive will carry fairway bunkers. Second shot must be placed well to left side of fairway.
Avoid big bunker short of green. One of the trickiest greens on the course.

Hole No. 3.  Par 4  222mts.
Try a Six Iron for safety. The brave will hit a 3 wood or driver to the green.

Hole No. 4.  Par 4  359mts.
Straight forward drive, club up to carry bunker in front of green.

Hole No. 5.  Par 3  184mts.
Hardest Par 3 on the course. Plays longer than you think.

Hole No. 6.  Par 4  416mts.
Keep drive to left side of fairway with a straight forward second shot to a big green.

Hole No. 7.  Par 5  507mts.
Easy Par until you get to the green. Big bunker front right.
Green slopes severely right to left.

Hole No. 8.  Par 3  152mts.
Green is very deceptive, falls from front to back.

Hole No. 9.  Par 4  307mts.
Must place drive left of fairway bunker. Don't attack the pin when it is back left.

Hole No. 10.  Par 4  355mts.
Straight forward par 4.

Hole No. 11.  Par 5  497mts.
A good drive past the bunkers will give you the opportunity to carry the
water and make the green.

Hole No. 12.  Par 4  308mts.
Best Par on the course. The brave can be rewarded with an easy second shot.

Hole No. 13.  Par 4  360mts.
Place drive short of bunkers. Fairway and green slope to the right.

Hole No. 14.  Par 3  146mts.
Play the yardage

Hole No. 15.  Par 4  356mts.
Dog leg to the left. Out of bounds right. Must get drive out
long enough to see the green.

Hole No. 16.  Par 3  150mts.
Small target, more room towards back of the green.

Hole No. 17.  Par 5  464mts.
215mts to carry the stream. Second shot has to be carefully placed short of fairway bunkers.
Third shot is normally blind, green slopes severely to the left and towards back of the green.

Hole No. 18.  Par 4  391mts.
Tough finishing hole. Play left of bunkers. Second shot is longer than you think. The Green slopes severely from left to right.

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