How to play

How to play

How To Play Mahony's Point

The most attractive and friendly of Killarney’s three courses, which is still a good test of a golfer’s skills.

Hole No. 1.  Par 4  316mts.
An easy Par 4 to start. Keep the shot to the right to open up the green.

Hole No. 2.  Par 4  386mts.
A very tough Par 4 requires two excellent shots to reach the green in three! Look back from the green to the lake.

Hole No. 3.  Par 4  395mts.
The toughest Par 4 on the course. Straight drive favouring the right side of the fairway.
Second to the green is made for a low running shot. Great view to the right over 18th of Killeen and the clubhouse.

Hole No. 4.  Par 3  137mts.
Play the yardage – bunkers left and front right.

Hole No. 5.  Par 5  439m
A long straight par 5 should be a birdie opportunity.

Hole No. 6.  Par 4  347mts.
Straight drive. Precise second shot required to carry over water and stay short of bunker at back of the green.

Hole No. 7.  Par 3  157mts.
Straight forward Par 3.

Hole No. 8.  Par 5  495mts.
Drive needs to be long and straight and then do the same again!

Hole No. 9.  Par 4  288mts.
Simple Par 4, big green but must hit right level.

Hole No. 10.  Par 4  336mts.
Keep tee shot to the left. The Green is 50mts long so depending on pin position the club selection can vary by 3 to 4 clubs. Long second into the prevailing wind.

Hole No. 11.  Par 4  411mts.
Tee shot should be down the left side, opening up the green. Big bunker front right must be avoided.

Hole No. 12.  Par 3  167mts.
Greens slope from back to front, big bunker to the right.

Hole No. 13.  Par 5  425mts.
My favourite hole! Sporty Par 5 that is on in two, but trouble waits if you miss the green. Take time to enjoy the view while your partner putts. Standing on the 13th you can see the spectacular views that Killarney has to offer. Never fails to impress!

Hole No. 14.  Par 4  344mts.
Dog leg to the left. Bunkers to the right and left of the green.

Hole No. 15.  Par 4  246mts.
Drive the green if you can.

Hole No. 16.  Par 5  435mts.
Straight forward drive. Have to think about the second shot to avoid small stream
crossing the fairway 90mts short of the green.

Hole No. 17.  Par 4  340mts.
Keep it down the centre. Second shot must avoid the bunker left but even
more trouble on the right.

Hole No. 18.  Par 3  162mts.
“Heaven’s Reflex” who cares if you hit into the water. Just enjoy and try again.

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