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Killarney Golf & Fishing Club is one of the oldest, well established and internationally recognised Clubs in Ireland. It has a membership of over 1,700 members from all over the world and the Club’s location is one of the most enviable in the World.

In 1893 when the Club was founded it was another matter. Forty members formed the Club paying an annual subscription of 10 shillings each. The Earl of Kenmare, the local landlord, gave use of some of his land in an area of land in Killarney called Deerpark and became President of the Club. (Deerpark, the location of the original Club is situated on the current Killarney town bypass)

Let's play golf!

Our club is suitable not only for professional players, but also for beginners who want to master the art of golf. Come visit us and let's play golf!
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